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OMW-YT200 Liquid Packaging Machine

Outline:We are a professional enterprise producing high standard automatic packaging machine and candy production equipment, which integrates research, design, manufacture, market and after services.

Keyword: bubble gum, hard and soft candy


Product description

Complete categories and cost-effective
With professional technology, we are committed to product research and development, create cost-effective products, and meet the needs of customers.

Good quality is trustworthy
Quality management is embedded in every production process during the production process. From raw material selection to product production
Manufacturing, packaging, shipment, etc. are inspected and supervised layer by layer, and strive to create excellent quality.

Worry-free after-sales service
Meticulous service details highlight service quality!



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Cooperation consultation

Cooperation consultation

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The company has a number of skilled after-sales service team, which can provide professional technical support, reliable supply of spare parts and high-quality after-sales service
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Keyword:  Packaging machinery and confectionery equipment